Wivenhoe Group partners with CHCER to develop readiness program

Wivenhoe Group, a vulnerability assessment consulting firm, announced on Friday that it will partner with the Center for Healthcare Emergency Readiness (CHCER) to develop a hospital emergency readiness program.

Wivenhoe will work with CHCER, a healthcare emergency readiness and management firm, to develop a healthcare industry emergency readiness and management program that uses the skills of both companies to deliver risk reduction, emergency management, security and safety services. The companies will take an integrated approach to managing hazard mitigation, response and recovery, according to a joint press release.

"Using the Wivenhoe team approach, our unique network of safety, security, engineering, and healthcare experts allows us to assist clients with all hazards vulnerability assessments and programs that can go as deep as required to achieve the client objectives," Colette McCann, the CEO of Wivenhoe, Ltd., said. "Whether it is a focused engagement to prevent loss, prepare for an active shooter event, protect against infant abduction or a larger program to design and implement large-scale hurricane evacuation and continuity of business plans, we have an array of experts who can cover practically every aspect of the plan and implementation that will conform to new regulations in the healthcare industry."

Wivenhoe and CHCER said the public/private healthcare sector has been slow to respond to the changing risks for the industry. The threat profile for all hazards response capability has moved from state-sponsored CBRNE threats to non-state sponsored terrorist acts.

"We are very excited to work with Wivenhoe to help clients reduce risk," Jim Blair, the CEO of CHCER, LLC, said. "Wivenhoe's expertise in design, engineering, and legal issues really help us round out a 360 (degree) view of all hazards vulnerability and cyber security for our clients. You cannot treat and cure patients if you cannot protect them."