Argon Electronics offers suggestions for effective CBRN training

Argon Electronics, a chemical warfare training simulator developer, said on Friday that most effective CBRN response training exercises require the use of a large venue, a set date, simulation equipment, comprehensive planning and surprises.

Steven Pike, the managing director at Argon, made the remarks after a successful exercise staged at the Bristol City Football Ground in Bristol, U.K. Pike said the integration of electronic CBRN detection simulations with a series of further measures enhanced training for police in southwest England, according to an Argon press release.

"The best way to simulate the threat is to use electronic detector simulators that look, feel and function exactly like the real detectors but respond to safe electronic sources," Pike said. "Staging an exercise like this is the nearest the police can get to reality."

Pike suggested using a large enough venue to allow for many participants and set up the footprint of where emergency services will be located. He also suggested keeping a date set once it's been decided upon. Pike said that planners should set up the event before participants arrive and use surprises to keep attendees on their toes.

Additionally, Pike said that electronic detector simulators allow for repeated training and can be used without risk of harm to participants, the equipment or the environment.