WIRB-Copernicus Group acquires Alliance Biosciences

WIRB-Copernicus Group (WCG), a provider of regulatory and ethical review services for clinical research, announced on Thursday that it acquired Alliance Biosciences, a biosafety and biosecurity consultant.

The acquisition will allow WCG Biosafety, the company's biosafety division, to manage its entire continuum of biosafety oversight and ensure any research involving hazardous agents complies with appropriate regulatory and safety requirements, according to a WCG press release.

"Recent news headlines regarding the mishandling of smallpox virus, avian influenza virus, and anthrax bacteria by government healthcare agencies underscore the importance of biosafety oversight for the public as well as industry professionals," Donald Deieso, the chairman and CEO of WCG, said. "With this expansion to our WCG Biosafety team, we can now oversee all aspects of the biosafety review process from building the laboratories and organizing materials to managing the regulatory review boards and ethical approval process for drugs in development."

Alliance Biosciences used to be a division of Alliance Engineering. Multiple executives from Alliance Biosciences have become a part of WCG Biosafety.

"My colleagues and I are tremendously proud to join WCG, and to expand our service offering to create a unified, seamless biosafety solution," Ryan Burnette, the former director of Alliance Biosciences and newly-appointed vice president of WCG Biosafety, said. "Biological science is a driving force in our society. As the promise of gene therapy increases, vaccine development expands, and the industry continues to explore new applications for infectious agents, the need for biosafety and biosecurity is more important than ever. We can make a greater impact as part of an organization that has for its mission the advancement of science and the protection of life."

WCG Biosafety manages more than 200 institutional biosafety committees and has evaluated more than 140 recombinant DNA preclinical and gene transfer clinical research protocols. WCG provides regulatory and ethical solutions for clinical research.