Hotzone Solutions conducts training for Dutch army

CBRN training provider and consultant service Hotzone Solutions recently conducted a training event for members of the Royal Netherlands Army.

The course, held in mid June at the military base in Vught, trained instructors in the Dutch armed forces regarding CBRN issues, Hotzone Solutions said in a statement.

The two-day theoretical and practical training package focused on safety and protocols, as well as staff responsibilities and instructor tasks. Participants also learned about workplace setup.

The live agent training also included discussions on data and performance standards, including the balance between training and operations. The course went into detail to assist instructors to understand that balance and how it can be applied in training while achieving desired objectives.

Hotzone Solutions will continue to support the Dutch military in live agent training.

Representatives of the various Dutch CBRN branches visited the Hotzone Solutions training facility in April of this year, which served as an introduction to the company.

Hotzone Solutions provides CBRNE training, medical countermeasures training, consulting and live agent testing services for military, emergency responders, law enforcement officers and security specialists.