Army seeks contractor for biological testing

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) is looking for contractors to profile the host response to pathogens that occur through intra and intercellular signaling mechanisms.

The responses to the sources sought notice will determine whether a set-aside acquisition is preferable to a full and open competition.

If selected, the contractor will prepare samples and perform proteomic analyses. They will also conduct a bioinformatics analysis of the collected data, as well as verification of discovered hits and identification of protein networks of interest.

The contractor will also perform follow-up functional assays testing host targets of interest for future countermeasure approaches.

USAMRIID will provide the samples, as well perform in vitro and cell-based assays when required. USAMRIID will also perform microscopy and other assays to determine the integrity and efficacy of the samples.

Interested parties are asked to submit a brief capabilities package of no more than 10 pages demonstrating the firm's experience ability to perform the requested services.

USAMRIID anticipates that it will award a single 12-month contract with two 12-month option periods. The contractor will be required to deliver progress reports every six months, with a full report containing acquired data at the end of each year.

The deadline to submit responses is July 31.