Asynchrony provides updated software release to CSTs

Asynchrony, an information technology consulting firm, recently announced that it provided an updated release of its mobile field kit (MFK) software to National Guard Civil Support Teams (CSTs) to help with July 4 events.

The MFK has been deployed by five pilot CSTs in protection, survey and threat-detection missions throughout the U.S. Asynchrony is the lead contractor for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency on the MFK.

"We are privileged to put state-of-the-art collaboration tools and real-time sensor data in the hands of field team members," Bob Elfanbaum, the co-founder and general manager of Asynchrony, said. "It's paramount to mission success for field teams to acquire effective tools for communication, collaboration, situational awareness and management."

Asynchrony provided support to the National Guard in April to help assist in the protection of approximately 36,000 runners and one million spectators during the Boston Marathon. The National Guard used the MFK to identify and communicate potential CBRN threats along the marathon route. The field teams used the MFK to communicate and manage the safety of the event.

"At a large scale event, like a July 4th celebration, safety is our primary concern," Lt. Col. Matthew Woolums, the commander of the 1st CST, said. "The MFK was instrumental to our teams and greatly helped improve their ability to effectively carry out missions that are increasingly more demanding."

The MFK is off-the-shelf software that provides remote sensor data fusion, as well as collaboration and common operational picture capabilities. CSTs have used MFK in multiple standby missions, training events, response missions and national special security events.

Asynchrony is a division of Schafer Corporation, a provider of services and products used to halt national security threats.