European Defense Agency holds defense workshop

The European Defense Agency (EDA) recently held a biological reconnaissance and defense workshop in Warsaw, Poland.

A total of 40 participants from 10 European Union member states participated in the workshop, according to an EDA press release.

The workshop sought to present the ongoing work of different projects undertaken by the EDA, including a systems approach for the future of Europe's biological defense capability. The project integrates individual soldier protection and both specialist and non-specialist units.

The participants in the biological workshop also presented their national biological programs, ongoing projects, developments and future expectations regarding biological issues.

Poland and Hungary provided live demonstrations during the workshop, and allowed participants to visit their 2nd generation biological laboratories.

Other participants in the workshop included France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

The EDA participates in a variety of CBRN-related projects, including a joint investment program with civil authorities to prepare for events, with a special focus on biological threats. The EDA is also developing and demonstrating equipment to detect and monitor biological agents.