RFI for backpack-based radiation detection systems deadline extended

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently extended its deadline on a request for information (RFI) for backpack-based radiation detection systems (BRDs).

The deadline for the RFI is now July 31.

Manufacturers are asked to provide a general description of their BRD, including detector type and operating mode. Details can include weight, battery life, parameter settings and energy calibration techniques.

A general description of the detection technique must be included in the submissions, with a focus on the alarm threshold settings.

Submissions must also include technical documents and expected unit availability date for testing. Manufacturers are asked not to use proprietary information with their submissions, and segregate and mark it clearly if it is included.

The Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, the Systems Engineering and Evaluation Directorate and the Department of Defense are seeking information on the detection systems to participate in the Radiological/Nuclear Interagency Characterization and Assessment Program (ICAP) joint test program. The information provided will be used to select BRDs for testing.

The ICAP is intended to help local, state, territorial and tribal governments select suitable radiation detection systems.

The manufacturers of the selected BRDs will obtain feedback regarding the performance of their units and alternative technology, which may be helpful in future competitions.