U.S. discusses counterterrorism with China

The U.S. expressed concerns about ongoing discrimination and restrictions on minorities in China during a discussion about counterterrorism strategy, the State Department said on Thursday.

Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the State Department, made the remarks during her daily press briefing. Psaki was asked if the resumption of counterterrorism discussions implied that the U.S. is fully supportive of China's counterterrorism strategy. She said the U.S. expressed its concerns about discrimination and will continue to urge China to take steps to reduce tensions and uphold international commitments to protect religious freedom, according to a State Department press briefing.

"Counterterrorism is, of course, an area that China and the United States have cooperated on," Psaki said. "And as part of the dialogue that took place just a couple of days ago, we discussed - the United States representatives discussed our comprehensive approach to counterterrorism that includes an emphasis on the protection of human rights, access to education, social development, and appropriate security measures."

When asked if there was any kind of disconnect in having a counterterrorism dialogue with China while expressing discrimination concerns, Psaki said the subject was part of the discussion.

"That's part of what is certainly raised in this dialogue," Psaki said. "But we think cooperation on counterterrorism issues is something that is important and should continue and will continue as well."