FEMA releases 2014-2018 strategic plan

The Federal Emergency Management Agency released its strategic plan on Friday for 2014-2018.

The plan, which was drafted with the support of hundreds of FEMA employees and external stakeholders, outlined FEMA's objectives to provide support before, during and after disasters.

The plan identified five top FEMA priorities for 2014-2018, including a survivor-centric mission that focuses on preparing both local officials and communities to take appropriate actions in the wake of an incident.

FEMA will also seek to appropriately staff and manage its incident workforce to rapidly mobilize and deploy to disasters, as well as build capability for catastrophic incidents.

The agency will provide data and analytic tools to communities to make better risk-informed decisions before, during and after disasters, along with implementing reforms mandated by Congress to reducing the cost of flood insurance.

The final FEMA priority will be to build the agency's organizational foundation by increasing transparency and consistency in decision making and ensuring that FEMA has a qualified and effective workforce, as well as providing maximum impact in the event of an emergency.

The strategic plan also noted that FEMA is only one part of a national emergency response team and that appropriate response to disasters will be made through working with local, state and tribal partners.