Assistant Commissioner Wagner describes POE modernization efforts

Assistant Commissioner John Wagner of U.S. Customers and Border Protection (CBP) testified on Wednesday in front of the House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security on investments in port of entry (POE) infrastructure.

Wagner described the multistep process used by CBP to plan for modernization investments, including gathering data and conducting sensitivity analyses.

The assistant commissioner also detailed some of the funding challenges, as well as ways forward, in upgrading POEs.

"Infrastructure enhancements are critical to the improvement of trade and travel facilitation; these changes are necessary to support current traffic volumes and modern technology," Wagner said. "Due to the budget environment over the past four years, there have been very limited investments towards modernizing POEs. However, thanks to the support of Congress, CBP received authority to accept reimbursement for activities and donations."

Wagner concluded by highlighting CBPs efforts to continually evaluate and optimize its procedures, including the use of new technologies and increasing risk segmentation, and the importance of those efforts to U.S. commerce.

"Legitimate travel and trade play a critical role in the nation's economic growth, and CBP recognizes its role in sustaining such growth," Wagner said. "The number of international visitors and overall cross-border traffic is increasing, and CBP is aggressively working on modernizing our infrastructure and transforming the way we do business to more effectively and efficiently secure our nation and improve our economy."