CDC issues report on June anthrax incident

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report on Friday reviewing the incident in early June when personnel were unintentionally exposed to anthrax at the CDC's Roybal Campus in Atlanta, Ga.

The study discussed factors that contributed to the incident while highlighting actions taken by the CDC to prevent future accidents.

The review said that scientists' failure to properly adhere to protocol meeting laboratory safety standards led to the possible release of anthrax. The report also found that there was a lack of standard operating procedures to document when biological agents were properly inactivated in the lab.

In response to the incident, the CDC established a working group to accelerate improvements in lab safety and is in the process of establishing an external advisory group. A review group will work in coordination with the working group to study the events that led to the incident and means of preventing others in the future.

The CDC is also in the process of implementing other recommendations made in the report, including the establishment of a CDC-wide point of accountability for lab safety.

The CDC concluded that it is extremely unlikely that anyone at the Roybal Campus was exposed to viable anthrax. No staff at the facility became ill from anthrax after the incident.