NATO to invite bids for CBRN command and control software

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization's Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) announced on Tuesday its intention to solicit bids for CBRN command and control technology.

The NCI Agency plans to release the invitation for bid by January of next year.

The scope of the work will include developing software for the functional services for command and control of CBRN defense capabilities and its installation, integration and validation at selected NATO sites. The software is to be based on existing technology proposed by the bidders and extended with NATO's interfaces and functionality.

The selected contractor will be responsible for providing training and initial support.

Potential U.S. prime contractors must have a NATO secret facility clearance, be pre-approved for participation in NATO international competitive bidding and be nominated to the bidders list by the U.S. government.

Contractor personnel working on the project must also have individual security clearances.

The NCI Agency plans to hold a CBRN information day for nominated bidders in November of this year. The purpose of the event will be to provide the latest available technical information, update the status of the invitation for bid and allow the nominated bidders to participate in a forum to ask preliminary questions.

Further details of the November event will be made directly available to nominated bidders.