Argon Electronics wins German CBRN simulator contract

Argon Electronics announced on Tuesday that it was awarded a contract by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior for CBRN simulation systems.

The systems will be used by Germany's Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) to improve the realism of its field training.

The contract between Argon and the German government calls for FH 40 G-SIM simulated survey meters and EPD-Mk2-SIM simulated dosimeters. The detectors will be used in conjunction with Argon's PlumeSIM training system, which can create tabletop and live area radiological training scenarios.

The THW worked over the past two years to enhance the CBRN field training it provides to approximately 80,000 volunteers at its training base at Neuhausen, near Stuttgart. A centerpiece of that training is response preparedness to radiological hazards, which Argon's simulators will help to improve by allowing students to see how a measuring device would react in the face of a real threat.

"Argon's simulation system will considerably improve the realism of our CBRN field training and will help our students to better understand what to do in the event of a real radiological incident," Sebastian Kroll, the THW radiation protection officer, said. "This is a key element for their safety. Argon's system also offers us the opportunity to be flexible in usage and to add further CBRN training components if required in the future."