Hotzone Solutions conducts CBRN course for German Bundeswehr

Hotzone Solutions, a CBRN training provider and consultant service, announced on Thursday that it recently conducted a CBRN explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) incident commanders course for the German military.

Eighteen members of the German armed forces, also known as the German Bundeswehr, took part in the course at a German military base. The participants included CBRN and EOD personnel, senior noncommissioned officers and other officers.

Hotzone's course was meant to increase the CBRN EOD incident command and leadership capabilities for military personnel and multinational military missions abroad. The leaders of the course used lectures on the latest international procedures and best practices and a two-day tabletop exercise to instruct the participants.

Course topics included practical field experience, medical countermeasures, planing and implementation process, decontamination, remediation, risk assessment, elements deployed during a CBRN EOD incident, and NATO and European Defence Agency CBRN EOD procedures.

The course built on experience from a course developed and conducted by Hotzone solutions for the European Defence Agency in 2009.

Hotzone Solutions seeks to provide live agent training with CBRN materials, CBRN medical countermeasures training, CBRN consulting and live agent testing services for multiple sectors. The company's clients include physical security specialists, law enforcement officers, emergency responders and military organizations.