DHS First Responders Group gives update on June activities

The First Responders Group (FRG), a division of the Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate, recently released updates on its activity in June.

The FRG held its annual meeting of the First Responder Resource Group (FRRG) from June 10-12 in Washington, D.C. The FRRG helps the FRG identify capability gaps and develop solutions to meet technology needs.

Jay Martin, the acting director of the FRG, gave the opening remarks at the meeting, and stressed that input from the FRRG ensures that the Science and Technology Directorate does not develop its strategies in a vacuum of ideas.

"We can't do this alone," Martin said. "Your input matters, and your voice is heard. Work with us to take your requirements and turn them into technology development."

The FRG also hosted the first meeting of the Incident Management Information Sharing Subcommittee (IMIS-SC) on June in Washington, D.C. The group seeks to share policy recommendations and ideas from local, state and tribal agencies to establish a standardized system for communication and cooperation.

Other activities carried out by the FRG last month included a Twitter chat highlighting the Ambulance Patient Compartment Safety and Design Standards project on June 18 and the second annual Plum Island Animal Disease Center First Responders Forum on June 21.