Morpho to launch new radiation detector

Morpho, a high-technology company in the Safran group, recently announced plans to launch a handheld device to detect and identify sources of radiation.

SourceID uses a new technology that could make the detector more powerful than related devices that are currently in service. Lester Koga, the director of strategy for Morpho's Detection Division, said the device uses cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) gamma ray detectors, which allows it to precisely identify the type of radioactive energy emitted.

"As a result, SourceID will be more accurate than other systems currently available," Koga said. "This is a crucial point because this high-level detection will considerably reduce the percentage of false alarms."

SourceID will be the first radiation detector that can provide three-dimensional directional data in real time, allowing it to quickly locate the sources of radiation, even in challenging environments.

Koga said the threat of nuclear terrorism is being taken very seriously.

"The authorities are afraid that terrorists could make radiological 'dirty bombs' by surrounding conventional explosives with radioactive materials," Koga said. "Not to mention the risk of having a working nuclear weapon in circulation."

Koga said that Morpho took great care with the ergonomics, ease of use and overall quality of the device, which represents a completely new field of action for the company. Morpho delivers products and solutions to governments and companies in need of security.