U.K. memo details chemical, biological and radiological program

The United Kingdom's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory released a memo on Tuesday detailing its chemical, biological and radiological program.

The U.K. CBR program covers both capabilities and facilities in responding to and countering threats. The program provides decision makers with timely information relating to an attack from a weapon of mass destruction.

The CBR program conducts research into chemical and biological agents to develop protective measures. The research includes the development of medical countermeasures, vaccines and post exposure treatments.

The program also develops physical protection products, including CBR suits, respirators and collective protection, as well as tools for the decontamination of personnel, equipment and infrastructure.

The ultimate goal of the CBR program is to maintain the U.K's sovereign capability to assess and respond to current and emerging threats to the country and its wider interests. That capability includes skills and techniques to handle CBR agents and analytical techniques to identify and quantify their toxicity.

The policy of the British government is to maintain political and military freedom of action despite the threat or use of CBR weapons.

The projected budget for the U.K's CBR program for 2014-2015 is approximately $136 million. A quarter of the funding for the CBR program is delivered externally.