WMDs a major concern for special ops head nominee

President Barack Obama recently nominated Lt. Gen. Joseph Votel to lead the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Weapons of mass destruction and their use by terrorists is a top concern for the new special ops head, the Washington Times reports.

"We do see violent extremist organizations and others continue to exert a desire to acquire these types of weapons," Votel said, according to the Washington Times. "So our ability to detect and neutralize them effectively will be a key piece for our country."

Votel will need to define the role of special operations forces in the wake of the U.S. drawdown in Afghanistan.

"First and foremost, I think is maintaining the situational awareness, resolution and reach, and access that's been provided by the resources that we've been using (in Afghanistan) for the last 12 or 13 years, in places where we do have large bases, where we do have solid infrastructure," Votel said, the Washington Times reports. "But being able to maintain that level of situational awareness in areas that don't, aren't necessarily characterized by all those aspects, is a key piece for us."

Votel is an Army Ranger who currently heads the Joint Special Operations Command, which consists of elite units including Delta Force and SEAL Team 6. His nomination currently awaits approval by the Senate.