Oregon to receive $10.5 million in emergency preparedness grants

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that the state of Oregon will receive $10.5 million in federal grants to improve its emergency preparedness.

Oregon will receive $2.5 million through the Hospital Preparedness Program to prepare its hospitals for emergencies. It will receive $8 million from the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program to prepare its state and local public health departments for disasters, Portland Business Journal reports.

"Community and state preparedness is essential to the health security of all Americans," Nicole Lurie, the HHS assistant secretary for preparedness and response, said, according to Portland Business Journal. "Events in the last few years have demonstrated how critical it is for health systems across the country to be ready and able to respond quickly and effectively."

State and local officials can use the money to prepare for attacks that use CBRN weapons, outbreaks of foodborne illnesses or infectious diseases, or natural disasters. To receive the funds, states must enter into cooperative agreements to encourage state and local public health departments to work collaboratively with federal health and preparedness programs to prevent duplicative efforts and maximize resources.

Oregon received far less grant money than many other states, including $65 million given to California, $53 million to Texas, $40 million to Florida and $25 million to Ohio. The HHS planns to hand out $228.5 million for hospital preparedness and $611.75 million for public health preparedness overall, Portland Business Journal reports.