Maryland offers emergency preparedness certificate program

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) recently began offering the Maryland Preparedness Planning Certificate Program (MPPCP).

The MPPCP, which is in a pilot phase, is designed to give planners the skills and knowledge to conduct effective preparedness and emergency planning.

The program consists of a mix of instructor-led and online training courses designed to strengthen the planning capability of the Maryland Emergency Preparedness Program (MEPP). The MPPCP offers two levels of professional training-the basic and advanced planner tracks-depending on the roles of the students in their respective organizations. MEMA recommended that prospective planners discuss the desired level of completion with their supervisors.

Students who complete all of the required courses will receive a Maryland Preparedness Planner Certificate of Completion.

The goals of the MPPCP include developing a common lexicon and systemic planning methodology, increasing efficiency in interagency planning and focusing on national planning programs to foster greater interoperability.

The program also serves as a credentialing program for planners in the state to properly implement the MEPP. The MPPCP is run through the state's Center for Preparedness Excellence.

The pilot MPPCP will run through June 2015. MEMA will provide or facilitate access to each of the required classroom courses over the course of the next year.