DHS Deputy Secretary Mayorkas participates in EU 6+1 meeting

Alejandro Mayorkas, the deputy secretary of the DHS, visited Barcelona, Spain, last week to discuss counterterrorism efforts with his international counterparts.

Mayorkas participated in the European Union Group of 6+1 Interior Ministers' Meeting where he met with counterparts from the U.K., Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany and France. The representatives discussed counterterrorism, efforts to stem illegal immigration, aviation security and attempts to halt global drug trafficking.

During the meeting, Mayorkas highlighted the importance of international collaboration on multiple homeland security-related priorities, including information sharing and extremist travel to and from Syria. Mayorkas discussed the Preventing and Combating Serious Crime Agreements, which were negotiated by the DHS and the Department of Justice to increase information sharing capabilities with partner countries to prevent terrorism and transnational crimes.

Mayorkas also met bilaterally with Spanish Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière and U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May to discuss the need for international collaboration in law enforcement investigations in areas like intellectual property rights violations, human trafficking and cyber crime.

The visit to Barcelona came after Mayorkas' trip to Athens, Greece, where he met with international counterparts during another ministerial meeting to discuss efforts to collectively combat terrorism and address other homeland security-related matters.