NHK obtains photos of 1995 Tokyo subway gas attack

Japan Public Broadcasting (NHK) recently obtained photos from a deadly sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system in 1995.

The photos show sarin collected by police from the scene, including the Kasumigaseki subway station on the Chiyoda line, reports.

Members of the now-defunct Aum Shinrikyo religious cult killed 13 and injured 6,3000 people on March 20, 1995, when they released sarin gas on three lines of the Tokyo subway system during the morning rush hour.

Eight people were also killed by sarin gas when Aum Shinrikyo released the nerve agent into a neighborhood in Matsumoto, Japan in 1994, according to

Sarin is a clear, colorless and tasteless liquid that can quickly be turned into a lethal gas. It is the most volatile of man-made nerve agents.