Berkeley Nucleonics to unveil new backpack radiation detection device

California-based Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. recently announced that it will unveil its new backpack radiation detection device at the Health Physics Conference in Baltimore, Md., in July.

The Model RD-120 SAMPack GN is a fully featured, wearable isotope identifier with a 24-hour battery life. The backpack's interface uses a smartphone with the PeakAbout app, which allows users to view dose rates, spectra, and IDs in covert manners, including visual alarms, vibrate mode and optional earphones.

The SAMPack GN has a volume detector that allows the user to search for orphaned sources, radiological contamination or illicit nuclear activity. An added neuron detector is intended to improve the confidence of the user in finding radiological sources by providing a correlated measurement to the real-time gamma spectrum.

The backpack can also be remotely controlled from a distance of more than 20 feet using Bluetooth.

Berkeley Nucleonic's new device has a variety of new features, including color-coded spectra/classification and one-finger operation and automated features such as calibration, stabilization and storage of data.

Berkeley Nucleonics was founded in 1963 as an instrumentation manufacturer. The company originally developed custom pulse generators and eventually came to specialize in test, measurement and nuclear instrumentation products. Its products and training were used in 2011 in response to the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan.