A-T Solutions releases suite of data collection software tools

A-T Solutions, Inc., a counterterrorism solutions company, announced the launch on Tuesday of its Data Collection Toolkit (DCT), a suite of software for collecting, sharing, analyzing and managing incident-related data.

DCT is meant to simplify and organize field management data and facilitate the management of workflow to support the sharing of information in critical situations. First responders can use DCT to maintain situational awareness during natural or man-made disasters.

"We are very excited about introducing this new tool for incident responders everywhere," Dennis Kelly, the president and CEO of A-T Solutions, said. "One of our team's core philosophies involves continually innovating to produce new technology that can help our customers achieve their counterterrorism mission, and the capabilities in this software suite are a great example of that."

DCT includes three components: DCT Desktop, DCT Mobile and DCT Explorer. DCT Desktop is used for diagramming and reporting on a traditional computer; DCT Mobile is used in the field; and DCT Explorer offers a database to store, manage and analyze data.

"Having DCT available for field use is crucially important to on-site personnel to work and input data in real time," Kelly said. "This greatly reduces any time lag involved with data collection, creating results and value that are immediately realized."

DCT is an updated version of A-T Solutions tools that have been used by thousands of first responders, law enforcement professionals, defense forces and homeland security teams for more than a decade.