Hotzone Solutions conducts training for Saudi Arabian diplomats

Hotzone Solutions recently conducted a weeklong training event on arms control treaties and CBRN issues for government officials from Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabian National Authority for the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions requested the training, which was conducted in The Hague, Netherlands. Diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia and other Saudi Arabian diplomats abroad participated in the event.

The training focused on arms control treaties such as the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological and Toxins Weapons Convention. The participants were also briefed on the Conference on Disarmament, the only multilateral body mandated by the United Nations to negotiate arms control agreements.

The Saudi Arabian diplomats received briefings from the Netherlands Institute of International Relations, the International Criminal Court and the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The participants also spent a full day at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research.

The training was the second provided by Hotzone Solutions.

Hotzone Solutions provides CBRNE training, medical countermeasures training, consulting and live agent testing services for military, emergency responders, law enforcement officers and security specialists.