Navy Admiral Haney: U.S. must stay vigilant against global threats

While a strategic attack against the U.S. is remote possibility, the country must be prepared and capable to address potential global threats, Navy Admiral Cecil Haney said on Wednesday.

Haney, the commander of U.S. Strategic Command (Stratcom), made the remarks to members of the Reserve Officers Association, the National Defense Industrial Association and the Air Force Association. He said the U.S. is dealing with advances in state and non-state military capabilities across land, air, sea, space and cyberspace.

"Our nation is dealing with a global strategic environment that is complex and dynamic, perhaps more so than at any time in our history," Haney said. "Worldwide cyber threats are growing in scale and in sophistication. Nuclear powers are investing in long-term and wide-ranging military modernization programs. Proliferation of weapon and nuclear technologies continues. Weapons of mass destruction capabilities and delivery technologies are maturing and becoming more readily available."

Haney said no region of the world is immune from possible CBRN risks.

He said the mission of U.S. Stratcom is to partner with other combatant commanders to deter and detect strategic attacks against the U.S. and provide the president with options if deterrence fails. Haney said his command seeks to provide an effective nuclear deterrent force, partner with other combatant commands, build cyberspace capability and capacity, address challenges in space, and prepare for uncertainty.