UAE launches CBRN risk mitigation center

The UAE signed an agreement on Wednesday to open a regional Centre of Excellence on CBRN Risk Mitigation in Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the deputy prime minister and minister of interior for the UAE, launched the initiative. The Centre will monitor illicit trafficking in CBRN markets, exports, border control and safety and security, as well as share the information with more than 40 international partners, the National reports.

"I reiterate the UAE government's keenness and commitment to providing all the requirements of success and leadership to strengthen the preventive aspect and address chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear risks with advanced scientific methods according to international best practices," Sheikh Saif said, according to the National.

The EU launched an initiative in 2010 to establish risk mitigation centers globally, and has committed more than $34 million for 32 projects to date.

"CBRN risks do not respect borders and the reason for the Centre is to be sure we can better identify risk at a national and regional level," Maciej Popowski, the deputy secretary general of the European External Action Service, said, the National reports.

The site and opening date for the Centre of Excellence has not yet been announced.