DHS S&T issues BAA to develop biological, chemical defense solutions

The DHS Science & Technology Directorate (S&T) issued a broad agency announcement (BAA) on Monday of its intent to solicit research and development proposals to find solutions to urgent chemical and biological defense priorities.

S&T is leaving the BAA open for 3.5 years in an effort to provide the directorate with an acquisition tool that has the flexibility to solicit proposals and make awards to perform rapid prototyping of technical solutions as issues and gaps are identified. Requests for proposals will be accomplished via amendments to the announcement.

The BAA identified seven anticipated technical topic areas to help potential researchers understand the classes of needs and their potential scope. The three topics in chemical and biological research and development are diagnostics and agent characterization; surveillance and detection; and event characterization, response, and remediation. Three threat characterization and attribution topics are system studies, bioforensics and chemical forensics, and CBRN risk analysis and the Biological Threat Characterization Program. The last suggested topic is the study of vaccines and therapeutics for foreign animal diseases.

S&T said the calls under the BAA would likely be unrestricted, and it encouraged small businesses to propose on all of the calls.

The estimated value of the BAA will not exceed $50 million during its 3.5 year duration.