U.N. holds resolution 1540 workshop for Portuguese-speaking states

The U.N. Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament (UNREC) in Lomé, Togo, held a workshop on June 5-6 on methodologies for reporting on steps taken to implement U.N. Security Council resolution 1540.

UNREC organized the meetings for U.N. member states that have not yet submitted a report to the security council's 1540 Committee. Resolution 1540 requires that member states report to the committee on the steps they have taken or intend to take to implement the resolution.

The Lomé workshop was the third in a series of workshops and was attended by representatives from Portuguese-speaking states, a delegate from Brazil and experts of the 1540 Committee.

During the workshop, the attendees discussed the resolution, the importance of reporting, the reporting experience, challenges regarding reporting and practice under the resolution. The organizers held break-out sessions to assist participants in preparing and drafting their country's initial reports, which help the member states to identify their needs for assistance.

Resolution 1540 was adopted by the U.N. Security Council in 2004. The resolution imposes binding obligations on all member states to prevent the proliferation of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, as well as their means of delivery, to non-state actors. States must establish appropriate legislation and domestic controls regarding biological, chemical and nuclear materials.