908 Devices completes performance testing for handheld chemical detector

908 Devices, a mass spectrometer development company, announced on Monday that it successfully completed performance testing for its M908 handheld mass spectrometer.

MRIGlobal, a not-for-profit contract research and test facility, tested M908 using chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial compounds and environmental pollutants. The test determined M908 routinely performed at or exceeded expectations in all test categories.

After 12,000 test cases across 15 chemical targets and interferents, MRIGlobal found that M908 was able to detect low parts per billion detection limits with 95 percent confidence limits in the presence of up to 75 percent humidity and high concentration interferents.

"This evaluation is a milestone for M908 that further validates performance in the challenging circumstances our customers face every day," Kevin Knopp, the co-founder and chief executive officer of 908 Devices, said. "As expected, the M908 demonstrated solid performance through a series of difficult tests providing rapid results and actionable answers."

M908 is the first handheld mass spectrometer. The device is designed for chemical detection and identification of liquids, solids and vapor targets at trace to bulk quantities. The device can be used by first responders, military teams and civilian users to control chemical and explosive hazards at the point of need.

908 Devices developed M908 with high-pressure mass spectrometry to add deep chemical, explosive and precursor material identification and detection capabilities beyond traditional tools.