U.N. adopts resolution reiterating commitment to combating terrorism

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a consensus resolution on combating global terrorism on Friday during the last day of its Review of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

The resolution reiterated the General Assembly's condemnation of terrorism and reaffirmed the responsibility of countries to implement the strategy while enhancing the role of the U.N., including the Counter-Terrorism Task Force. It also stressed the importance of keeping the counterterrorism effort "relevant and contemporary" in the face of emerging threats.

The two-day review was the fourth of its kind and heard more than 60 speakers on the floor of the General Assembly describe their efforts at implementing national counterterrorism strategies. The speakers focused specifically on conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism described in the strategy.

The speakers stressed the need for terrorism not to be associated with any specific religion, civilization or ethnic group. Some delegates outlined measures both at the national and international levels to foster diversity, highlighting the need for a combined effort to confront terrorism.

The General Assembly also urged states to respect the right to privacy, specifically in the realm of digital communication. The Assembly urged states to ensure that any counterterrorism measure taken, including the use of drones, observed their obligations to uphold international law.