National Security Advisor Susan Rice encourages international coalitions

U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice encouraged the mobilization of coalitions to confront international challenges during her keynote address on Wednesday at the annual conference of the Center for a New American Security.

Rice cited President Barack Obama's recent address at West Point, which focused on American global leadership in the 21st century. That speech recognized American military dominance while acknowledging a need to strengthen partnerships with international allies.

"Collective action has long been the hallmark of effective American leadership," Rice said. "The United Nations, NATO and our Asian alliances were all built on the foundation of American strength and American values. Our history is rich with successes won not as a lone nation, but as the leader of many."

Rice said that recent actions by Russia and continuing tension in the Middle East and Asia require international solidarity.

"In today's world, the reality is: many transnational security challenges can only be addressed through collective action," Rice said. "Drawing on the strength of our alliances and the reach of our partnerships, the United States' brings together countries in every region of the world to advance our shared security, expand global prosperity, and uphold our fundamental values."

Rice also said that cooperation is necessary to confront other challenges, including climate change, infectious diseases and nuclear proliferation.