Rasmussen stresses importance of transatlantic relationship to security

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the secretary general of NATO, said on Tuesday that a strong relationship between Europe and North America is critical to security.

Rasmussen made the remarks on Tuesday at the Transatlantic Bond Project Conference in Brussels. He said the transatlantic relationship is necessary to address current security risks and threats.

"Transatlantic resolve and unity will be critical in meeting all these complex challenges," Rasmussen said. "NATO is the unique political and military instrument that allows us to muster that transatlantic resolve, and translate it into unified action."

Rasmussen welcomed the conclusions and recommendations of the three working groups participating in the project, which are meant to extend, nurture and sustain support for a stronger transatlantic relationship among the people of NATO nations.

"This is our future and our alliance, and a strong transatlantic bond remains vital for both," Rasmussen said.

Recommendations for improving the transatlantic relationship range from greater NATO outreach to continued investment in defense by all allies.

The Transatlantic Bond Project was launched earlier in 2014 to review the state of the transatlantic relationship. The conclusions and recommendations made by a group of experts, members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and a group of young leaders will serve as the basis for a transatlantic declaration to be adopted at the NATO Wales Summit in September.