Baltimore company awarded contract for CBRNE suite

The Space and Naval Warfare Center, Pacific (SSC Pacific) recently awarded a contract to Surface Treatment Technologies, Inc., for CBRNE sensor systems.

The company, based in Baltimore, Md., will integrate Nevada Nano's molecular property sensors and CBRNE sensor suite into SSC Pacific systems. The contract for the project is worth $199,990.

The contract includes the development and on-board testing of the sensor suite with SSC Pacific systems, as well as expanding their chemical warfare agent library. Surface Treatment Technologies will also develop and evaluate methods to reduce the dwell time of the suite during sensor sampling.

The contract awarded to Surface Treatment Technologies also requires the company to provide consultation to SSC Pacific to ensure the sensors are fully integrated.

SSC Pacific awarded the sensor contract to Surface Treatment Technologies on a sole-source basis, as no other vendors could satisfy the agency's requirements and the company is the only one knowledgeable on Nevada Nano's systems..

The contract is intended to be completed by September 30 of this year.

Surface Treatment Technologies was founded in 1998 to provide emerging coating and surfacing technologies for metals and alloys. The company offers two new surface technologies, laser-induced surface improvement and electro-spark alloying, as well as research and development prototype development and analysis.