PyroGenesis Canada wins contract for chemical weapons destruction platform

PyroGenesis Canada, Inc., announced on Thursday that it was awarded a contract to design a mobile platform capable of destroying chemical weapons.

PyroGenesis Canada plans to design a plasma system that can rapidly destroy chemical agents with no toxic byproducts by the end of this year. The $1.5 million contract, which was offered by an international military consortium, was negotiated over the course of 18 months.

"Delivering a technology that can be dropped off the back of a plane in the harshest environment to instantaneously destroy some of the most dangerous substances known to man has significant commercial ramifications," Gillian Holcroft, the executive vice president of Strategic Alliances, said. "The system is scalable and, as such, larger units can be delivered for the in situ destruction of both hazardous chemicals and biological threats. The risk and expense of moving toxic substances will soon be avoided through the deployment of a PyroGenesis Tactical Unit."

The plan to develop the mobile platform will unfold in two phases, only the first of which has been contracted to PyroGenesis Canada.

"We are confident that we will receive funds for Phase 2, but given the international and complex nature of the project and the constantly changing situational landscape, although unlikely, it should be noted that Phase 2 could be delayed or cancelled," P. Peter Pascali, the president and CEO of PyroGenesis Canada, said.