Argon Electronics publishes white paper on CBRN simulation training

Hazardous material detector simulator developer Argon Electronics recently released a white paper focused on CBRN military response training.

"'How Simulation Can Enhance Battlefield Training" was written by Tim Otter, an ex-military officer and CEO of Lutra Associates. The paper details advances in training technology that can be used to prepare militaries for modern conflicts.

"There is no point investing in the best CBRN response equipment if the team using it haven't been trained properly," Otter said. "I've seen first-hand the importance of response training and, if used properly, simulation equipment can significantly improve response training and performance in real life emergency situations."

The white paper also examined the heavy use of chemical versus manoeuvrist warfare, particularly in the First World War and the more recent conflict in Syria.

"'How Simulation Can Enhance Battlefield Training" is free and available to download on the Argon Electronics website.

Argon Electronics was founded in 1987. The company develops and manufactures CBRN simulation systems using a proprietary common technology platform. Its clients include armed forces, emergency services providers, educational organizations and those in the civil nuclear field.

Lutra Associates is a consultation firm that specializes in disaster relief, internal security, forensics and CBRN issues.