Cambodia holds final CBRN action plan workshop

The third and final workshop on the Cambodian CBRN National Action Plan (NAP) was held on Monday in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The one-day workshop was part of the European Union CBRN Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence (CoE) initiative and the last step in the development of Cambodia's CBRN NAP. The objective of the event was for Cambodia's CBRN teams and international experts to conduct a final review of the NAP and have high-level national leaders endorse the plan.

The Cambodian NAP seeks to create a national vision for identifying sustainable capacity building and CBRN risk mitigation. NAPs are intended to bring together various components that will ultimately create and strengthen a coherent approach for detection, prevention, preparedness and response to CBRN threats.

The EU Risk Mitigation CoE effort involves 45 countries around the world. Countries in Southeast Asia that participate in the initiative include Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand.

The CoE initiative is implemented by the EU and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, and funded by the EU. The effort shares good practices and capabilities across countries in order to strengthen regional security. Countries are encouraged to increase local ownership of their CBRN practices while improving expertise and long-term sustainability.