Missouri Guard holds CBRN response exercise

Approximately 200 National Guardsmen and Airmen from Missouri recently teamed in an exercise to test the implementation of first responders and health officials in a decontamination event.

Boone County Training Center was used by the Missouri Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high yield Explosive Task Force to conduct casualty/patient decontamination training, MoGuard.com reports.

"We are training for our CERF-P (CBRNE Enhanced Response Force Package) mission that consists of us setting up tents for decontamination," Sgt. Latoya Spence, the 1375th Chemical Company Biological Integration Detection System team leader, said, according to MoGuard.com. "We have a green side mission and a white side mission where if personnel are contaminated, they are washed with soapy water and monitored afterwards."

Soldiers were familiarized with ambulatory, non-ambulatory and technical decontamination procedures during the exercise, which consisted of firefighters, police officers and other down range personnel who may have been become contaminated.

"We can quickly respond to any state or local emergency quicker than federal forces," Maj. Dale Wait, the 835th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion CBRNE liaison officer, said, MoGuard.com reports. "The federal forces can respond but it takes them approximately three to five days. Therefore, we bridge the gap between the first responders and the federal forces in responding and assisting."