Army holds medical product development workshop

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC) offered a workshop on May 1 designed to teach product managers how to complete the process of approving medical products for the military.

Jeremiah J. Kelly, Esq., of the USAMRMC Office of the Staff Judge presented the workshop, which is part of an ongoing series of classes called Navigating Medical Product Acquisition in the FDA, reports.

The FDA regulates the safety, efficacy and security of many products USAMRMC develops, including human drugs, vaccines, blood products and medical devices.

"Anyone involved in the advanced development of a product needs to understand the complex regulatory process applicable to the development of that product," Kelly said, according to

The workshop covered the process of application, appropriation of partnering agreements and intellectual property. Kelly also detailed four types of legal instruments product managers can employ to complete the process, including assistance agreements and contracts, reports.

"These agreements differ on the purpose and use of funds and the allocation of technical data rights," Kelly said, according to "The key is to know the features and limitations of each."

The Navigating Medical Product Acquisition in the FDA classes are offered by USAMRMC's Plans, Programs, Analysis and Evaluation Directorate's Decision Gate Support Office.