Berkeley Nucleonics develops remote isotope detection app

California-based Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. recently launched a new smartphone app that allows users to manage radiation isotope identifiers from a distance.

"PeakAbout" allows users to control both backpack and handheld radiation isotope identification devices and perform analysis at a safe distance from a target, Global Biodefense reports.

The app also lets users stream what they are seeing back to a management or reachback team with its broadcast function. The app for Android smartphones uses a wifi connection or data plan transmit the details in real time, according to Global Biodefense.

The ability to stream the screen of an isotope identifier has long been in demand, and the real time detection system will improve the efficiency and quality of training, Global Biodefense reports.

Berkeley Nucleonics was founded in 1963 as an instrumentation manufacturer. The company originally developed custom pulse generators and eventually came to specialize in test, measurement and nuclear instrumentation products.

Berkeley Nucleonics products and training were used in 2011 in response to the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan.