Security consultation firm IMG releases security tips ahead of 2014 World Cup

Security consulting firm Incident Management Group (IMG) recently released tips to organizations concerned about event security and site protection in advance of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The firm compiled a list of five tips organizations can take during their next event planning project. IMG experts said the most basic component of event security is the inclusion of security personnel early in the planning process, including venue selection, guest lists, floor space design and contingency planning and emergency response.

IMG also said the inclusion of security experts early on in the planning process will limit the number of last minute changes, ultimately leading to a smoother operation. If additional resources are required to provide safety at a site or event, the experts can also plan more effectively if they have as much time as possible.

"Few organizations will ever participate in an event security operation as large as the World Cup," IMG President Christopher Hagon said. "I think the recent article our company has produced on event security and site protection makes this clear."

IMG provides executive protection for corporate and business organizations. The company's consultants provide executive, employee, VIP and expatriate travel security, along with hiring assessments, workplace safety, risk and threat assessments, crisis management planning and other services.