Delaware DPH hosts simulated anthrax exercise

The Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness section of the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) recently hosted a full-scale simulated anthrax exercise to enhance the state's public health response.

The DPH hosted the real-time, operations-based Receipt, Stage and Store (RSS) warehouse exercise on May 13. The simulation was based on a fictional anthrax release at Dover Downs on race day. It was part of a multi-year practice drill series.

The drill focused on warehouse operations receiving packages from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS). The SNS consists of medicine and medical supplies that are stored in strategic locations throughout the U.S. to support multiple state and local health departments during a severe health emergency. The supplies are ready to be delivered anywhere in the country within 12 hours of the deployment order.

The exercise planning team requested SNS training materials to be shipped to a RSS warehouse in Delaware. The materials were then processed for redistribution.

The DPH will evaluate the success of the exercise to determine potential improvements for the public health preparedness program. Future exercises will continue to focus on the mitigation of the effect of public health emergencies.

The DPH encouraged local, state and federal stakeholders to participate with the department during future events.