New ebola cluster reported in Guinea

The WHO announced on Saturday that eight new cases and three more ebola-related deaths have been confirmed in Guinea.

A newly-affected district, Telimele, reported three of the cases and no deaths. Two existing affected areas accounted for the remaining five cases: Gueckedou reported two cases and no deaths, while Macenta saw three cases and three deaths.

The total number of clinical cases of ebola reported since the beginning of the outbreak now stands at 258, including 174 deaths. Six patients in Gueckedou and three in Telimele remain hospitalized, and 153 contacts are being actively followed up on.

The WHO said that the number of confirmed cases is likely to change as contact tracing, reclassification, consolidation of data and retrospective investigation continues.

Liberia and Sierra Leone have not reported any new cases of ebola, although social mobilization and surveillance activities continue in those countries.

The WHO has redeployed experts to the affected areas and set up isolation facilities in Telimele in response to the new cluster of ebola cases. The experts are also conducting case searches, contact follow-up, case management and infection prevention and control.

A team of social mobilization experts has also been redeployed to Guinea to aid in public outreach efforts. The team is emphasizing approaches to community resistance to the disease.

The WHO is not currently recommending any travel restrictions on Guinea or Liberia.