U.K. police use Argon CBRN response simulators for training

Police from Avon and Somerset in the U.K. recently used CBRN response training simulators from Argon Electronics to bring realism to a training exercise staged at the Bristol City Football Ground.

The police used Argon's PlumeSIM system, which allows one instructor to configure simulated biological and radiological releases across a wide area. The instructor can then monitor and manage multiple trainees in real time from one location.

The exercise employed a simulation in which advance intelligence suggested some chemical weapons were smuggled out of Syria for a potential terrorist attack.

As the police commanders delivered their briefings, two smoke machines went off and a hundred people began screaming. The surprise start of the simulation ensured that the police reacted to the circumstances as if the situation was a real-life emergency. The Argon equipment further enhanced the realism by enabling the trainees to begin looking for the source of the terrorist attack immediately.

"Trainees learn more effectively from practical training, which is why electronic simulators are so important in successful CBRN training as they offer the opportunity to put learned knowledge into practice," Argon said.

The training was meant to be both physical and emotional to allow trainees to cope effectively with a frightening scene and be prepared for real-life situations.