Phoenix first responders train for terrorist attacks

Arizona first responders trained at the Phoenix Fire Department Training Academy on Thursday to prepare themselves for potential terrorist attacks.

Jonathan Jacobs, the Phoenix fire captain, said approximately 150 men and women from law enforcement and fire departments ran mock disaster drills, including simulated hazardous materials incidents, reports.

"During this training exercise, we're going to have a hostage type of situation, we're going to have the police force that is here go and stabilize the situation... we're also going to have hazardous materials response with also building collapse response," Jacobs said, according to

Jacobs said the training exercises help the crews to coordinate with each other effectively and work together to support local agencies in case of a disaster. First responders in Arizona train for potential terrorist attacks twice a year, though some specialized units train more often.

Phoenix is the site of the 2015 Super Bowl and training is well underway for the massive event.

"The training aspect, and the planning, and those type of committees have been going on for probably six months already," Jacobs said, according to

The individuals who trained on Thursday were part of the CBRN Task Force, the Rapid Response Task Force and the Urban Areas Security Initiative. The teams are able to provide support across the state within 72 hours to any agencies overwhelmed during a disaster, reports.