Indiana Homeland Security Foundation approves more than $400,000 in grants

The Indiana Homeland Security Foundation (IHSF) recently announced the approval of more than $400,000 in grants to aid public safety agencies throughout the state.

The foundation provided awards to 112 recipients in 62 counties, including local fire departments, law enforcement, emergency medical services and emergency management agencies. Grants were given to recipients in all 10 Indiana DHS districts.

"Local public safety agencies play a critical role in the safety of Hoosiers across the state," Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, said. "This grant money allows our first responders to replace and upgrade equipment vital to daily operations. By improving equipment and capabilities, our emergency response personnel statewide will have the tools they need to help keep Hoosiers safe."

The focus of the IHSF is to support the future of public safety and provide grant funding to local agencies for critical needs throughout the state. Grants of up to $4,000 are eligible for projects that train emergency responders, provide radios and technology equipment, acquire equipment for use by emergency responders and equip emergency responders with personal protective equipment.

Thermal imaging cameras, rescue mannequins, fire gear, defibrillators, protective equipment, fire hoses and computer and communication equipment were items included in the grant awards.

IHSF is funded through the purchase of "Secure Indiana" license plates. The funds provide grants to public safety agencies and scholarships to students throughout Indiana.