Rapidsoft teams with Defentect for threat awareness system distribution

Rapidsoft Systems announced the expansion of its partnership with Defentect, Inc., on Friday.

Defentect's M3 threat awareness system for monitoring and detecting CBRNE threats will be distributed worldwide by Rapidsoft under the expanded partnership. Defentect's security solutions can integrate numerous advanced sensors to provide perimeter defense of critical national and state infrastructure and large industrial installations.

"We have all seen terrible events around the world," Dr. Brijesh Kumar, the COO and head of technology at Rapidsoft Systems, said. "The countries in Asia are particularly vulnerable to such attacks. It is time that the planners deploy advanced technological solutions such as DM3 to prevent terrorists from planning and/or carrying out such attacks. These can saves lives."

Defentect's Threat Awareness Solution has proven to be a threat-awareness solution for nuclear power plants, hospitals and other high-value targets. The system was originally designed for first-responders in a high threat environment and is based on a distributed network of sensors. The system functions by sending real-time notifications to multiple per-designated security command centers when the presence of a threat is detected.

Customers can add other threat event detection capabilities to their DM3 security systems and customize highly configurable alerts when an anomaly is detected. Alerts can be designated to be sent to cell phones, smart phones, pagers, PDAs and other devices through text messages, calls or emails.

Rapidsoft, in addition to supplying the turnkey solution at any location on the globe, can provide specialized training and security consulting from experts trained in the U.S.