Haystax Technology helps cities prepare for annual risk assessments

Haystax Technology, an intelligence and analytics solutions provider, recently announced it has helped more than a dozen states and urban areas prepare for their yearly Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment reports.

THIRA reports are due annually to FEMA every December and are required for entities that receive FEMA preparedness grants under the Homeland Security Grant Program. Haystax assists the jurisdictions to evaluate emergency impacts and explain what tangible resources are required to respond to disasters.

Haystax said its THIRA expertise is a complement to its threat monitoring capabilities.

"Our community of clients sees value in Haystax as a leader in risk analysis methodologies. We have the depth of analytic and practical experience required to develop comprehensive THIRA reports through an efficient and proven process," William Van Vleet III, the CEO of Haystax Technologies, said. "We are able to leverage risk information and analytics to quantify and streamline data collection far beyond what anyone in the competitive landscape can do at the moment. We employ a mix of quantitative data and local expertise that together generates valuable planning tools."

Haystax has assisted urban areas like San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston and Houston to prepare THIRAs. The company also supported the preparation of THIRAs for the states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

"The Haystax team provided technical support based on past experience and knowledge," Brad Hadley, the Urban Area Security Initiatives grant coordinator for the Homeland Security Division of the Santa Ana Police Department, said. "Our Haystax analyst also was able to share information from other internal sources, which greatly assisted in producing a quality report for our urban area."

Haystax seeks to use software and human analysis to turn data volumes into comprehensive and actionable information.