Radiant RFD gives technology presentation at Texas security conference

Asset tracking company Radiant RFID gave a presentation at a security conference in San Antonio, Texas, on Tuesday about using technology in emergency situations.

"Technology Advances in Emergency and Disaster Management" discussed how all players in an emergency scenario, whether on-scene or off, can have up-to-date information about the incident, including data on personnel and victims.

The presentation was the eighth time Austin-based Radiant RFID has participated in the Texas Emergency Management and Homeland Security Conference, an annual gathering of public and private organizations intended to exchange ideas on emergency response and preparedness.

Radiant RFID has worked with states and other jurisdictions in the U.S. to develop technologies that provide real-time data in emergency situations.

The All Hazard Response Network (AHRN) is the company's unified technology platform that allows responders to locate people, equipment and medical assets in the event of an emergency situation. AHRN uses passive RFID, bar codes and GPS to track, monitor and process individuals through shelters and events.

The technology is intended to be used in mass evacuations, shelter management and other incidents involving large numbers of people. AHRN was used in Texas, South Carolina and New Jersey during hurricanes Rita, Ike, Gustav and Alex, as well as Superstorm Sandy.